• 1920
  • Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd is founded in Hiroshima, Japan.
  • 1921
  • Jujiro Matsuda becomes president.
  • 1927
  • Company becomes Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1929
  • Manufacturing of Toyo machine tools begins.
  • 1931
  • Three-wheel truck production starts.
  • 1932
  • Begins export with 3-wheel trucks for China.
  • 1935
  • Production of rock drills and gauge blocks begins.
  • 1945
    1. (Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima)(End of World War II)
    2. Mazda loans part of headquarters' building to Hiroshima prefecture and all functions of the prefecture office are transferred there.(until July '46).
  • 3-wheeled truck exports restart (India).
  • 1951
  • Jujiro Matsuda becomes chairman and Tsuneji Matsuda takes over as president.
  • 1958
  • Introduces Mazda Romper, 4-wheel light truck.
  • 1960
  • Introduces Mazda R360 Coupe, first Mazda 2-door passenger car.
  • 1961
    1. Enters into technical cooperation with NSU/ Wankel (formerly in West Germany) on rotary engines.
    2. Mazda Proceed (B-series 1500) compact pickup is introduced.
    1. Begins local assembly in South Korea.
    2. Introduces Mazda Carol 600, first Mazda 4-door passenger car.
    1. Cumulative production reaches 1 million vehicles.
    2. Begins local assembly in South Africa.
    3. Introduces Mazda Familia Van.
    1. Introduces Mazda E2000.
    2. First generation Mazda Familia (800/1000) is introduced.
    1. Technical cooperation begins with Perkins Services N.V. (U.K.) on diesel engines.
    2. Miyoshi Proving Ground is completed.
    3. Introduces Mazda Proceed.
    1. Introduces Mazda Bongo.
    2. Introduces Mazda Luce.
    3. New passenger car plant (Ujina) in Hiroshima is completed.
    1. Full-scale export to the European market starts.
    2. Establishes sales company in Australia.
    3. Introduces Mazda Cosmo Sports (110S), Mazda's first rotary engine vehicle.
    4. Fully redesigns Mazda 1000/1200.
    1. Establishes sales company in Canada.
    2. Begins local assembly of passenger cars in Malaysia.
    3. Begins full-scale exports of rotary engine vehicles.
    4. Ford, Nissan and Mazda agree to establish Japan Automatic Transmission Company (JATCO).
    1. Mazda Familia cumulative production reaches 1 million vehicles.
    2. Exports to the U.S. begin.
    3. Mazda Capella (RX-2) is introduced.
    4. Kouhei Matsuda becomes president.
    1. Establishes Mazda Motor of America (MMA).
    2. Begins local production in Indonesia.
    3. Introduces Mazda Titan.
    4. Introduces Mazda Savanna (RX-3).
    5. Begins supplying the Courier (Proceed) to Ford.
    1. Completes Mazda Training Center in Taibi.
    2. Fully redesigns Mazda Luce (RX-4).
    3. Cumulative production reaches 5 million units.
    1. Establishes sales company in West Germany.
    2. Cumulative export reaches 1 million units.
    3. Fully redesigns Mazda Familia.
    1. Begins local production in the Philippines.
    2. Fully redesigns Mazda Capella.
    3. Completes Miyoshi Diesel Engine Plant.
    1. Begins local production in Thailand.
    2. Introduces Corporate Identity (CI).
    3. Introduces Mazda Cosmo.
    1. Fully redesigns Mazda Familia (Original GLC/323).
    2. Introduces Mazda Luce Regard.
    3. Kouhei Matsuda becomes chairman and Yoshiki Yamasaki takes over as president.
    1. Cumulative production reaches 1 million units for rotary-engine cars.
    2. Introduces Mazda Savanna RX-7 (RX-7).
    3. Fully redesigns Mazda Capella.
    1. New company symbol is adopted.
    2. Cumulative exports to North America reach 1 million vehicles.
    3. Mazda Education Center is established.
    4. Cumulative production reaches 10 million vehicles.
    5. Ford Motor Company and Mazda enter into a capital tie-up; Ford acquires a 25% equity stake in Mazda.
  1. 1980
    1. Masaji Iwasawa becomes president.
    2. Fully redesigns FWD Mazda Familia (GLC/323).
    3. Fully redesigns Mazda Titan.
    4. Mazda Familia (GLC/323) receives "1980-1981 Car of the Year Japan."
  2. 1981
    1. (North America passenger vehicle export regulations adopted.)
    2. Cumulative exports reach 5 million vehicles.
    3. Mazda (North America), Inc. and Mazda Motors Representative Office (Europe) are established.
    4. Fully redesigns Mazda Cosmo/Luce (929) series.
    5. Start of operations at Hofu Transmission Plant (Nakanoseki area).
    6. Establishes Autorama (begins to supply products from October '82.)
  3. 1982
    1. Production begins at Hofu plant (Nishinoura area).
    2. Introduces FWD Mazda Capella (626).
    3. "Japanese Car of the Year" is awarded to FWD Mazda Capella (626).
  4. 1983
    1. Begins local production in Colombia.
    2. Mazda Capella (626) is named Motor Trend magazine's import Car of the Year and receives other prestigious overseas awards.
    3. Introduces new Mazda Bongo/Bongo Brawny van and wagon series (E-series) in Japan.
    4. Enters into an 8% capital tie-up with Kia Motors.
    5. Aerodynamic testing laboratory (ATL) is completed at Miyoshi Proving Ground.
  5. 1984
    1. Company is renamed as Mazda Motor Corporation.
    2. Establishes Mazda Foundation.
    3. Moriyuki Watanabe becomes chairman and Kenichi Yamamoto becomes president.
  6. 1985
    1. Fully redesigns FWD Mazda Familia (323) series for Japan.
    2. Established Mazda Motor manufacturing (USA) Corporation (MMUC).
    3. Opens Hiroshima Technical Research Center.
    4. Global Road Circuit opens at Miyoshi Proving Ground.
    5. Celebrates total cumulative production of 10 million passenger cars.
    6. Introduces all-new Mazda Savanna RX-7 (RX-7).
    7. Introduces new Mazda B-series.
    8. Fully redesigns Mazda Familia Van.
  7. 1986
    1. Introduces Festiva.
    2. Mazda Savanna RX-7 (RX-7) is named 1986 "Import Car of the Year" by Motor Trend magazine.
    3. Cumulative production of Mazda rotary-engine vehicles reaches 1.5 million units.
    4. Cumulative total exports reach 10 million units.
    5. Introduces all-new Mazda Luce (929) in Japan.
    6. Cumulative production of Familia reaches 5,000,000 units.
    7. Mazda R&D Center in Ann Arbor is completed.
  8. 1987
    1. Introduces Mazda Etude.
    2. Develops Mazda Speed Sensing Computerised 4-Wheel Steering System.
    3. Cumulative production reaches 20 million vehicles in Japan.
    4. Fully redesigns FWD Mazda Capella (626).
    5. Mazda opens a new research center in Yokohama, Japan
    6. Mazda begins vehicle production at a new U.S. facility, Mazda Motor Manufacturing (USA) Corporation (MMUC), in Flat Rock, Michigan.
    7. Mazda reaches an OEM agreement for micro-mini vehicles with Suzuki Motors Co., Ltd.
    8. Kenichi Yamamoto becomes chairman and Norimasa Furuta named president respectively.
  9. 1988
    1. Mazda Innovation (MI) Plan starts.
    2. Establishes Mazda Motor of America Inc. (MMA) to consolidate importation and distribution functions in the U.S.
    3. Consolidates Mazda's U.S. R&D operations with the establishment of Mazda Research and Development of North America, Inc. (MRA).
    4. Starts import of Ford Probe from the US.
    5. Establishes a sales company in Europe (MME).
    6. Introduces Mazda Persona.
    7. Mazda develops Hi-Reflex coating, a new quality painting technology.
  10. 1989
    1. Spins off an industrial machinery division into a separate company.
    2. Fully redesigns FWD Mazda Familia (323).
    3. Establishes Mazda Eunos and Mazda Autozam dealership channels.
    4. Fully redesigns Mazda Titan.
    5. Tokyo Branch is renamed Tokyo Head Office.
    6. Introduces Mazda Scrum [Suzuki OEM].
    7. Mazda begins importing the Citroen BX to Japan.
    8. Introduces Eunos Roadster.
    9. Introduces Eunos 100 and Eunos 300.
    10. Introduces Autozam Carol in Japan.
  11. 1990
    1. Introduces Proceed and Mazda MPV in Japan.
    2. Introduces Eunos Cosmo.
    3. Holds grand opening for the European R&D Representative Office (MRE) in Germany.
    4. Introduces Autozam Revue (121).
    5. Establishes a transmission maker in Thailand.
    6. P.T. Mazda Indonesia Manufacturing (MIM) begins manufacturing engines in Indonesia.
    7. Mazda establishes COMPREX GmbH in Austria to manufacture and market PWS's for diesel engines.
    8. Cumulative production reaches 25 million units.
  12. 1991
    1. Introduces Mazda Proceed Marvie.
    2. Introduces Mazda Sentia (929) luxury sedan in Japan.
    3. Introduces Eunos Presso.
    4. Introduces Autozam AZ-3.
    5. Mazda 787B No.55 wins the Le Mans 24-Hour Endurance Race claiming the first victory for a Japanese automobile and the rotary engine.
    6. Mazda, Rockwell International in the U.S. and two Japanese companies form a joint venture automotive parts and systems company (Nippon Automotive Body Systems) in Japan.
    7. Cumulative production reaches 10 million commercial vehicles in Japan (since 1931).
    8. Introduces Mazda Cronoss.
    9. Fully redesigns Mazda Scrum.
    10. HR-X hydrogen rotary engine concept car is shown at the 29th Tokyo Motor Show.
    11. Establishes Anfini sales channel (formerly Mazda Auto) in Japan.
    12. Introduces Anfini MS-6 and Anfini MS-9.
    13. Introduces Anfini RX-7.
    14. Norimasa Furuta and Yoshihiro Wada named vice chairman and president respectively.
  13. 1992
    • Introduces Mazda MX-6.
    • Introduces Eunos 500 (Xedos 6) in Japan.
    • Full-scale production starts in Hofu No.2 Plant.
    • Introduces Anfini MS-8.
    • A joint venture company is established with Hainan Mazda Motor & Stamping Co., Ltd. to manufacture van-type bodies for commercial vehicles in China.
    • The 'Mazda Global Environmental Charter' is adopted.
    • Introduces Autozam Clef.
    • A new decomposing catalyst that recovers oil from all types of plastic is developed.
    • Mazda develops the world's first repeatedly-recyclable plastic composite.
    • MMUC, Mazda's wholly-owned subsidiary in Michigan, becomes AutoAlliance International, Inc., (AAI) an equal partnership between Mazda and Ford.
    • Equolize capital contribution to Autorama with Ford.
    • Introduces Autozam AZ-1.
    • Develops a passenger car with a natural gas engine.
    • Norimasa Furuta named chairman.
    • Electric-powered vehicles based on the Mazda MX-5 are developed in conjunction with Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
    • Mazda enters the passenger car market in the Philippines.
    • An agreement for technological cooperation in the production of pick-up trucks in Fuchou, China is signed.
    • Formulates "Environment-Related Activity Promotion Plan (Mazda Environmental Voluntary Plan)".
    • Develops mirror cycle engine.
    • Cumulative production of Hofu-produced vehicles reaches 3 million units.
    • Cumulative production in AAI in the US reaches 1,000,000 units.
    • Purchasing of new compact pick-up trucks from Ford for release in Canada and the U.S. starts.
    • Introduces Mazda Lantis (323F).
    • Introduces Eunos 800 (Xedos9).
    • ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) concept loaded with a collision-avoidance system and other future safety technologies are developed.
    • Mazda and Ford enter into a long-term strategic relationship to enhance competitive strength.
    • Cumulative production of Mazda MX-5 reaches 300,000 units.
    • Mazda develops a compressed-natural-gas-powered truck.
    • An electric-powered vehicle based on the E-series van is made.
    • Fully redesigned Mazda Familia (323).
    • Fully redesigned Mazda Capella (626).
    • Introduces Mazda AZ-Wagon [Suzuki OEM].
    • Introduces Mazda Familia Van [Nissan OEM].
    • An LPG fueled 3-ton truck based on the 4-liter diesel-powered version is developed.
    • Mazda Museum opens.
    • Introduces new Mazda Familia with a new lean-burn engine version that uses a new three way catalyst in Japan.
    • Mazda Training Center opens in Miami, Florida.
    • Mazda Training Center opens in Beijing, China.
    • Mazda acquires the ISO 9002 certificate, first among Japanese auto makers.
    • Transmission supply to Ford reaches 10,000,000 units.
    • Introduces Mazda Proceed Levante.
    • Cumulative production in Japan reaches 30 million units.
    • Mazda begins testing of hydrogen-fueled vehicles on public roads in Japan.
    • Introduces Mazda Bongo Friendee in Japan.
    • Completes Mazda ASV, an advanced safety vehicle.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Sentia.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Carol.
    • Mazda and Ford jointly establish AutoAlliance (Thailand) Company Limited (AAT) to manufacture pickup trucks in Thailand beginning in mid-1998.
    • Cumulative production of the Mazda Familia/323 series in Japan reaches 10 million units.
    • Introduces Ford-produced Mazda 121 into major European markets.
    • Anfini dealerships renamed Mazda Anfini.
    • Eunos dealerships integrated into Mazda Anfini or Mazda dealerships.
    • Enhances strategic partnership with Ford.
    • Cumulative production of passenger cars in Japan reaches 20 million units.
    • Share holding ratio of Ford increased from 25% to 33.4%.
    • Mazda acquires ISO 9001certification, the highest attainable quality mark in the ISO 9000 series, first among Japanese automakers.
    • New parts distribution center opens in Mississippi, U.S.
    • Henry D.G. Wallace becomes president.
    • Introduces Demio in Japan.
    • Mazda Demio receives the '96-'97 RJC "New Car of the Year" award.
    • Mazda Demio wins Japan Car of the Year Special Award.
    • Cumulative production of MX-5 reaches 400,000 units.
    • Mazda launches Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI).
    • Cumulative production of the 2.5-liter new diesel engine (WL type) reaches 100,000 units.
    • Embarks on enhancement of North American operations.
    • Mazda implements a new merit-based personnel system.
    • Mazda inaugurates its new brand symbol, the Mazda M.
    • Eunos 800 renamed Millenia.
    • Mazda resumes exports to Taiwan.
    • Introduces an all-new Capella/626 sedan and station wagon in Japan and Europe.
    • North American operations are streamlined. (MNAO starts).
    • James E. Miller is appointed president.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Capella Wagon.
    • Establishes Ethics Committee.
    • Mazda develops the Demio FCEV, fuel-cell electric vehicle.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Roadster.
    • Changes corporate symbol.
    • Mazda strengthens its drive into Europe.
    • Launches MDI Phase II.
    • Mazda participates in the Ford/ Daimler-Benz/ Ballard alliance to develop fuel-cell technology for future vehicles through its close relationship with Ford Motor Company.
    • Mazda begins production of small direct injection turbo diesel engines.
    • Formulates Product Philosophy.
    • Cumulative production in Hofu plants reaches 4,000,000 units.
    • Mazda opens a Female Employee Counseling Office.
    • AAT starts production.
    • Introduces the New Familia.
    • Mazda starts to sell the AAT-produced new pickup trucks in Thailand.
    • Mazda establishes the Mazda Motor Logistics Europe N.V. (MLE).
    • Hofu Nishinoura Plant acquires ISO 14001 certification.
    • Introduces Mazda Carol, Mazda AZ-Wagon and Mazda AZ-Offroad that complies with the new micro car regulations.
    • AAT starts exporting pickup trucks.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Scrum.
    • Introduces Mazda Laputa.
    • Develops aldehyde remover, "Life Breath".
    • New brand message "Get it and be moved." is launched.
    • Cumulative production of the MX-5 reaches 500,000 units.
    • Introduces the brand new Premacy.
    • Fully redesigns Mazda Familia Van/Business Wagon.
    • Introduces the new Bongo van and truck.
    • Cumulative production at AAI reaches 2,000,000 units.
    • Mazda reaches an agreement with Mitsubishi to supply small commercial vehicles to Mitsubishi.
    • Mazda introduces the New MPV.
    • Mazda improves female employees' job conditions.
    • Entire Hofu Plant obtains environmental ISO certification.
    • Mazda develops advanced safety vehicle MAZDA ASV-2.
    • Mazda announces the development and production of new global engine family in cooperation with Ford.
    • Mark Fields is appointed president.
  1. 2000
    1. Company flag is redesigned with the brand symbol.
    2. AAT starts producing the Mazda 323.
    3. Cumulative production of MPV reaches 500,000 units.
    4. Adopts work-wear made with recycled PET bottle fiber.
    5. Mazda participates in the joint project of the test run of fuel cell vehicles in cooperation with DaimlerChrysler Japan Holding Ltd. and Nippon Mitsubishi Oil.
    6. Introduces New Titan in Japan.
    7. Mazda headquarters and Hiroshima plant acquire environmental ISO 14001 certification.
    8. Mazda Roadster is recognized in Guinness World Book of Records.
    9. Sets up media website.
    10. Cumulative production at AAT reaches 100,000 units.
    11. Mazda introduces MDI III.
    12. Mazda introduces brand new Titan Dash.
    13. Announces mid-term plan "Millennium Plan".
    14. Mazda introduces brand new Tribute.
  2. 2001
    1. Mazda expands uses of recycled materials made from replaced bumpers.
    2. Roadster wins the "Auto Color Award 2001" Grand Prix.
    3. Mazda introduces the 'build-to-order' system for Roadster and Familia S-Wagon.
    4. Holds a roadshow "Mazda Mirai" in Yokohama (MRY).
    5. Takes control of distribution in France.
    6. Develops a new fuel cell electric vehicle, Premacy FC-EV. Test run on the public road first in Japan.
    7. Holds a roadshow in Frankfurt (MRE). Decided Ford Valencia Plant in Spain as the production base in Europe.
    8. Holds a roadshow in New York.
    9. Introduces the Early Retirement Special Program.
    10. Holds "Mazda Mirai" event in Hiroshima Headquarters.
    11. Continues OEM procurement from Suzuki for micro-mini vehicles.
    12. Cumulative production of transmissions manufactured at Mazda Hofu Plant reaches 20,000,000 units.
    13. Establishes Committed Credit Facilities.
    14. Takes control of distribution in the UK. Announces sponsorship in Roadster introductory races.
    15. Introduces "Mazda Flex Benefit".
    16. Takes control of distribution in Switzerland.
    17. Ujina No.2 Plant is closed.
    18. Signs on the Labor-Management Joint Declaration.
    19. Mazda introduces the new Bongo Friendee.
    20. Develops high-strength plastic technology for new module carriers.
  3. 2002
    1. Completes Nakasatsunai Proving Ground in Hokkaido.
    2. Cumulative production volume at Hofu Plant reaches 5 million units.
    3. Cumulative production at AAT reaches 200,000 units.
    4. Mazda commences production of MZR engines.
    5. Introduces Mazda Spiano.
    6. Provides service to 'create drive routes'; on mobile phones.
    7. Mazda opens company day-care center.
    8. Introduces new brand message 'Zoom-Zoom'.
    9. Introduces personnel development program.
    10. Enhances sales network in middle and Eastern Europe.
    11. Launches distribution joint venture in Austria.
    12. Mazda takes new initiative to enhance corporate governance.
    13. Launches the brand new Mazda Atenza.
    14. Mr. Fields steps down as the president. Lewis Booth confirmed Mazda President.
    15. Mazda collaborates in celebrating 100th birthday of inventor of rotary engine, Dr. Wankel.
    16. Minimizes environmental impact in machining line of new engines.
    17. Develops MZR1.3/1.5L next generation engines.
    18. Builds presence in China with Mazda 323 launch.
    19. Develops world's first environmentally friendly coating technology.
    20. Decides Mazda6 (Atenza) production in China.
    21. Launches fully redesigned Mazda Demio/Mazda2.
    22. Mazda sells auto leasing business to SB Auto Leasing Company.
    23. Transfers business in subsidiary Mazda Earth Technologies Co., Ltd. to Sandvik Tamrock Japan Co., Ltd.
    24. Launches North America's first functional integration modules.
    25. Mazda sets goals for fuel efficiency and emission levels.
    26. Establishes broadband network for domestic dealers.
    27. Introduces web version of electronic parts catalog.
    28. New Mazda6 Sports Sedan launched at AAI.
    29. Announces plans to re-balance domestic production capacity. (Re-open Ujina Plant Number 2 (U2) and close our F Plant.)
    30. Mazda RX-8 stars in Twentieth Century Fox's X-Men Sequel.
    31. Mazda6 named NBR Car of the Year.
    32. Mazda strengthens domestic dealer network.
    33. Mazda Atenza wins 2003 RJC Car of The Year.
    34. Begins public road trials of Advanced Safety Vehicle.
  1. 2003
    1. Establishes Management Advisory Committee.
    2. Mazda showcases Mazda Washu concept and Mazda RX-8 production model at North American International Auto Show.
    3. Production of the Mazda2 begins in Europe.
    4. Mazda holds a ceremony to mark first production of Mazda6 at FAW Car Company in China.
    5. Begins production of RENESIS rotary engine.
    6. Mazda MX Sportif design concept makes debut at Geneva International Motor Show.
    7. Starts production of Mazda RX-8.
    8. Mazda develops aluminum joining technology using friction heat.
    9. James O'Sullivan named President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations.
    10. Mazda Demio gains U-LEV rating.
    11. Mazda develops impact-absorbing hood.
    12. Adds Demio to Internet customization system.
    13. Releases all-new Mazda RX-8.
    14. Receives FY2002 JSME medal for development of high-strength plastic.
    15. Mazda employees receive JSAE Award for development of high-strength plastic.
    16. Develops technology to reduce diesel emissions.
    17. Mazda's RENESIS wins International Engine of the Year 2003.
    18. Mazda and Isuzu agree on OEM supply of Isuzu small truck.
    19. Mazda Kusabi's design concept makes debut at Frankfurt Auto Show.
    20. Introduces a new warranty system for the Mazdas, "Pack de 753".
    21. Hisakazu Imaki appointed President and CEO.
    22. Mazda develops new paint stripping technology for recycling bumpers.
    23. Mazda completes takeover of Austrian distribution network.
    24. Sponsors introductory race for RX-8 in Japan.
    25. Releases remodeled Mazda AZ-Wagon.
    26. Mazda, Ford Announce US$500 million investment in AAT in Thailand.
    27. Unveils Mazda Ibuki concept and Hydrogen Rotary Engine at 2003 Tokyo Motor Show.
    28. Unveils the 'Mazda Axela'.
    29. Starts accepting orders for Axela and Roadster on 'Web Tune Factory'.
    30. Mazda RX-8 wins 2004 "RJC Car of The Year".
    31. RENESIS rotary engine named RJC Technology of The Year.
    32. Electric 4WD model added to Mazda Demio series.
    33. Mazda6 named 2004 Car of The Year in China.
    34. Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint System receives JSPMI prize.
  2. 2004
    1. Showcases Mazda MX-Micro Sport in North American International Auto Show.
    2. Mazda RX-8 wins Wheels Car of the Year in Australia.
    3. Displays Mazda MX-Flexa in the 74th Geneva Motor Show.
    4. Starts sales of micros in all dealership networks and expands cross-channel offerings of registered vehicles.
    5. Mazda, Toyota collaborates on in-vehicle information service.
    6. Mazda3 wins Canadian Car of The Year for 2004.
    7. Mazda launches a whole new family of Mazda6 vehicles at AAI.
    8. Builds Roadster number 700,000.
    9. Mazda invests nearly 14 billion yen in new digital technology for future product development.
    10. Finishes production in Hiroshima Plant (F Plant) to strengthen its production system.
    11. Commences operations at retooled Ujina Plant No. 2.
    12. Mazda's RENESIS wins category 2.5-3.0 liter of International Engine of The Year for second year running.
    13. Mazda introduces all new 'Titan' truck series in Japan.
    14. Mazda, Ford celebrate 25-year partnership.
    15. Introduces the new compact 'Mazda Verisa' in Japan.
    16. Announces vehicle recycle charges.
    17. Changan Ford signs investment agreement in Nanjing.
    18. Unveils All-new space wagon Mazda5 at 2004 Paris Motor Show.
    19. Transfers all shares in Mazda Car Rental Corporation.
    20. Mazda and NEC tests grid-based core system.
    21. Mazda launches Mazda6 MPS and Mazda5.
    22. Fully redesigns Carol micro-mini.
    23. Rolls out Mazda QB pit service, fixing superficial scratch or dent on the vehicles.
    24. Mazda RX-8 number 100,000 rolls out.
    25. 2 units of Mazda RX-8 mark 40 world records in a 24-hour endurance trial.
    26. The all-new Premacy/Mazda5 exhibited at the 38th Tokyo Motor Show.
    27. Mazda Hydrogen Rotary RX-8 gets permission to test on public roads.
    28. Mazda Verisa wins one of the special awards, the 2004-2005 Best Value Award, by the Car of the Year Japan.
    29. Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint technologies won the Minister of Environment Award 2003 for Prevention of Global Warming.
    30. Establishes Mazda Motor de Mexico to form official sales network.
    31. Newly develops 2.3L direct injection turbo engine to be mounted on the Mazdaspeed Atenza.
    32. MX-Crossport concept debuts at 2005 North American International Auto Show.
    33. Ujina Plant No.1 fire.
  1. 2005
    1. Ford, Mazda and Changan Automotive Group gain government approval for new assembly plant in Nanjing.
    2. First Auto Works and Mazda Motor Corporation Gain Government Approval for Joint Venture Distribution Company in China.
    3. Newly-renovated Mazda Museum opens.
    4. Introduced all new Mazda5 packed with innovative ideas.
    5. Mazda awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its energy saving efforts for three years in a row.
    6. Hydrogen fuel filling station starts operations.
    7. All-new Mazda MX-5 unleashed at the Geneva Motor Show.
    8. Establishes Mazda Motor (Shanghai) Business Management & Consulting Co., Ltd.
    9. Introduces a new parts inventory management system, "M3P System".
    10. Mazda MX-5 3rd Generation Limited debuts at New York International Auto Show.
    11. FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. (FMSC) announces its management team.
    12. FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. (FMSC) holds opening ceremony.
    13. Commences an advanced automobile technology research project with the Hiroshima University Graduate School Engineering Research Dept.
    14. Mazda/Ford/Changan Automobile Nanjing engine production company joint venture contract signed.
    15. Operation of Ujina Plant No.1 paint line recommences.
    16. Wins Asahara Prize Science Promotion Award.
    17. Achieves bumper-to-bumper recycling.
    18. Gary A. Roe appointed President and CEO of AAI.
    19. Japan dealer's sales staff uniforms redesigned.
    20. Mazda Global Environmental Charter revised. Mazda Environmental committee strengthened.
    21. Mazda Motor (Shanghai) Business Management & Consulting Co., Ltd. founded.
    22. Develops world's first steel-to-aluminum friction spot welding technology.
    23. Releases FY2004 end-of-life vehicle recycling results.
    24. Increases production of Mazda3 in Japan.
    25. Implements 55-point action plan to prevent global warming.
    26. Opens China Engineering Support Center.
    27. Launches new generation MX-5.
    28. Establishes sales company, Mazda South East Asia, Limited, in Thailand.
    29. Fully redesigns Mazda Scrum Wagon and Scrum Van.
    30. Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd. facility groundbreaking in Nanjing.
    31. Introduces next-generation telematics service Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA.
    32. Acquires all shares in New Zealand distributor, Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd.
    33. Campus grid computing used to achieve practical vehicle collision analysis in Hiroshima.
    34. Mazda MX-5 wins 2005-2006 Japan Car of the Year.
    35. Increases MZR engine production (1.8-liter to 2.3-liter) to 705,000 units per annum.
  2. 2006
    1. Sales company "Mazda Motor Rus OOO" founded (operations begin in April 2006).
    2. Announces the All-New Mazda CX-7 crossover SUV for the North American market.
    3. Mazda and Mitsubishi Corporation establish new energy supply company for Japan operations.
    4. Sales volume in China in 2005 exceeds 130,000.
    5. Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Rotary Vehicle Escorts Runners in All-Japan Men's Marathon Relay Race.
    6. Launches fully-remodeled all-new Mazda MPV.
    7. Mazda donates Tribute Hybrids to Orange County Fire Authority in California.
    8. Mazda MPV production reaches one million units.
    9. Establishes a new sales company in Indonesia.
    10. Mazda3 MPS exhibited at the 2006 Geneva International Motor Show.
    11. Global reveal of the Mazda BT-50 at 2006 Bangkok International Motor Show.
    12. Global production of the Mazda6 reaches one million units.
    13. Expands rollout of advanced customer relations presentation tool, "Visual IT Presentation," to Japanese dealers.
    14. Begins commercial leasing of world's first rotary hydrogen vehicle (RX-8 Hydrogen RE).
    15. Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. is renamed as Changan Ford Mazda with Mazda's Investment in Changan Ford.
    16. Introduces "Family of Experts" human resources system.
    17. Mazda establish a national sales company in Russia.
    18. Mazda Autozam sales channel in Japan cumulative sales reach one million units.
    19. Strengthens Mazda/Ford/Changan Automobile partnership in China.
    20. Debuts all-new crossover SUV, CX-9, at New York International Motor Show.
    21. Restyles Mazda Spiano.
    22. Delivers two rotary hydrogen vehicles to Hiroshima City and Prefecture government authorities.
    23. Mazda5 wins highest crash safety rating from EU and Japanese New Car Testing Agencies.
    24. Wins the Asahara Prize Technology Promotion Award and the Asahara Design Award.
    25. Starts sales of all-new MPV in Hong Kong.
    26. Develops high-strength heat-resistant bioplastic with Hiroshima area partners.
    27. Holds opening ceremony for Mine Proving Ground.
    28. Launches freshened Mazda Axela (Mazda3) in Japan.
    29. Wins first ever Taguchi Award from the Japan Quality Engineering Society.
    30. Establishes new national sales company in Ireland.
    31. Mazda's Hofu Plant tops seven million units of production.
    32. Mazda to exhibit new Mazda MX-5 with power retractable hard top at the British International Motor Show.
    33. The car-carrying vessel, Cougar Ace, becomes stricken.
    34. Launches freshened Mazda Verisa.
    35. Launches 'Roadster Power Retractable Hard Top'.
    36. Mazda reaches one millionth Axela produced in Japan.
    37. Mazda6 marks three-millionth vehicle produced at AutoAlliance International.
    38. Hofu Plant produces 25 millionth transmissions.
    39. Mazda CX-7 exhibited at the 2006 Paris International Motor Show.
    40. Mazda Demio production in Japan hits one million units.
    41. Establishes national sales companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    42. Renews Mazda official websites.
    43. Delivers RX-8 Hydrogen RE to Yamaguchi prefectural government.
    44. Starts production of the CX-9.
    45. MZR engine (1.8L-2.3L) production capacity increased to 756,000 units.
    46. Exhibits Mazda SASSOU and Mazda SENKU at Auto China 2006 in Beijing.
    47. 2.3L DISI turbo model of Mazda MPV won the Chairman's Award by the Eco Products Promotion Council.
    48. Reveals Mazda Nagare concept car in Los Angeles International Auto Show.
    49. Launches Mazda CX-7.
    50. Mazda Carol gets a facelift.
  3. 2007
    1. Renews Mazda official websites.
    2. Delivers RX-8 Hydrogen RE to Yamaguchi prefectural government.
    3. Starts production of the CX-9.
    4. MZR engine (1.8L-2.3L) production capacity increased to 756,000 units.
    5. Exhibits Mazda SASSOU and Mazda SENKU at Auto China 2006 in Beijing.
    6. 2.3L DISI turbo model of Mazda MPV won the Chairman's Award by the Eco Products Promotion Council.
    7. Reveals Mazda Nagare concept car in Los Angeles International Auto Show.
    8. Launches Mazda CX-7.
    9. Mazda Carol gets a facelift.
    10. Debuts Mazda Ryuga design concept at 2007 North American International Auto Show.
    11. Releases fully upgraded Mazda Titan.
    12. Mazda Motor Europe sales top 300,000 units in 2006.
    13. Delivers hydrogen rotary engine vehicle to National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.
    14. Launches fully redesigned Familia Van.
    15. Builds 800,000th Roadster.
    16. Mazda Hydrogen Vehicle Takes Part in Cold Weather Testing in Hokkaido, Japan.
    17. Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally Visits Mazda Headquarters.
    18. Showcases all-new Mazda2 and Hakaze concept car at the 2007 Geneva International Motor Show.
    19. Mazda Delivers Hydrogen Rotary Engine Vehicle to Japan Automobile Research Institute.
    20. Announces new 'Mazda Advancement Plan' mid-term plan.
    21. Sets long-term vision for technology development: 'Sustainable Zoom-Zoom'.
  4. 2008
    1. New Mazda2 won World Car of the Year with merits of its handling, design, comfort, efficiency and the achievement of 5 Stars safety rating with a chassis that’s larger than its predecessor but lighter by 100kg. The Furai concept begins Mazda’s evolution from the flow of nature’s elements to the realization of the ‘Soul of a Sportscar’.
  5. 2009
    1. Mazda announces the SkyActiv concept, which will reduce conventional combustion engine’s efficiency by 15-20%, smaller lighter transmissions that features the best of CVT and dual clutch transmissions and chassis designs that ensures maximum lightness and safety. Mazda wins Quality Trophy by Germany’s top magazine Auto Zeitung and GTÜ.
  6. 2010
    1. Unveiling of the new ‘Kodo’ design language with the Shinari concept, showing how the new generation of Mazda vehicles, upon resembling the flowing of nature elements, will now capture the essence of the ‘Soul of Motion’ with new edgier design themes.
  7. 2011
    1. As Mazda’s increasingly competitive lineups find home in more and more Malaysia families, Mazda achieved a milestone by establishing as assembly plant in Malaysia with the great support of Bermaz Motor, the Malaysian distributor for Mazda vehicles where under its watch, Mazda achieved sales growth in folds within recent years.
  8. 2012
    1. After both CX-7 and CX-9 became so well received by customers who wanted a modern crossover that combines luxurious build quality, finishing, performance and handling; Mazda decided to extend the SUV family towards the more dynamic city dwellers with the announcement of the Mazda CX-5 and the debut of the groundbreaking Skyactiv Technology.
  9. 2013
    1. A triumphant year for Mazda. With the successful introduction of production feasible Skyactiv Technology, Mazda now forays into multiple racing scene with a small, lightweight, efficient and powerful 2.2 liter Skyactiv-D clean diesel engine. In the same, Mazda launched the new generation Mazda6 and Mazda3, swiping awards and recognitions across the globe with convention defying technologies namely, i-Stop, i-Eloop and i-Activsense.
  10. Future
    1. While developing alternative energy for the future, Mazda will continue to aggressively pursue efficiency towards the entire cycle revolving around Mazda’s own eco-system. New engines that performs better, lighter, more efficient, new platforms that are dynamically more communicative, better to drive; yet remaining safe and most importantly lighter as well. Building better, making better cars, giving the best driving characteristics, this is Mazda, and if it’s not worth driving, it’s not worth building.